The Anatomy of a Dad Joke

Hear that rumor about butter? Butter not spread it.

All the great bakers of the world say baking is a science. Well, fathers say the same about Dad Jokes. The only difference is a failed Dad Joke comes with painful consequences. Kids are brutal.

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It takes guts, precision, and a little bit of razzle-dazzle to make it big in the Dad Joke business. Many have tried, many have failed ... until now. Behold, a golden guide that illustrates the elements behind the delivery of a perfect Dad Joke. Study it, live it, breathe it ... you're gonna go far kid.

You Know it's a Dad Joke When ...

  • It's G-rated

    Shoot for 8-year-old maturity.

  • It's Short and Sweet

    Shoot for 8-year-old attention span.

  • Itʼs Punny

    The more puns, the better. Animal puns are gold.

  • It Usually Opens With a Question

    What do dinosaurs use to pay bills? Tyrannosaurus checks.


the delivery is everything

The Delivery is Everything - not just in Dad Jokes, in life.


Any time. Itʼs Dad-Joke-oʼclock somewhere, right?


Kiddos. Your kids, friendsʼ kids, or random kids within earshot. You can always find an audience if you try hard enough.


Anywhere and EVERYWHERE. The world is your Dad Joke playground.


The setup: Be coy, like your lips are guarding a well-kept secret.
The punchline: Drop it exactly 3.5 seconds after the setup. Deliver the punchline, and then drop the mic. Boom.

What's Your Style?

Ask yourself, “who am I?”

Dad-The Shouter

Dad-The Punch Liner

Dad-The Suspense Builder

Dad-The Comedian and the Audience

The Math Behind Perfection

  • Cheesy/Punny: 40%
  • Clever: 15%
  • Simple: 10%
  • Positive: 15%
  • Shameless: 20%
mathematical breakdown of 5-star dad joke

Dads, you trade pride for giggles, all in the name of delivering the perfect Dad Joke – respect. We hope you download our small token of gratitude and share it with anyone in your life needing a little help in the humor department.



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Thanks, Theo!

A special shoutout to my buddy, Theo, our expert source for all things ‘Dad Jokes.' You are the coolest 9-year-old I know.

Thanks, Dad.

Dad, you picked me up from school wearing a SpongeBob SquarePants costume. Not one school function, party, or sleepover was safe from your signature dance move, The Dolphin. And you blamed me for your farts in public, every time. These are the moments I'll cherish the rest of my life.