A Store Like Never Before

The tour of our new lab store in Oak Cliff

Hey there. We realize not everyone could make it to the grand opening of our brand-new Lab Store – how about we show you around?

But before we go inside, a tiny speech to build momentum.

Things have changed since we created convenience in the 1920’s. Now, people want more out of their shopping - they want an experience. Our goal? Create a store that embodies that great experience, while staying true to our roots.

Naturally, Oak Cliff in Dallas, the original home of 7-Eleven, was chosen as the birthplace for our new store.

So it is with great pride that we welcome you to the brand-spanking new 7-Eleven Lab Store.


Isn’t she a beauty? Just wait until we step inside.

Let’s go.

To your right is where our tour begins – the #Brainfreeze Wall. Probably the happiest wall in all the universe. You’ll see that your favorites are all here... but what's that over there? No, they didn't.

Oh yes we did.

Behold. Our new Organic Slurpee Drinks.

brainfreeze slurpee

We definitely don’t think perfection should be messed with… but why not expand it?

Woah now, slow down on those Slurpee drinks. You'll want room for some cold treats.

We've taken deliciousness to the next level with creamier, thicker soft serve. Don’t be shy. Pour some onto a fresh sugar or waffle cone. And toppings? There’s plenty right behind you. Any crunchy, crumbly, gummy topping you can dream - it's all here.

ice cream

Moving on. We'll walk over to what we call "The Cellar". I personally call it "paradise". Oh, and while we stroll, check out our one-of-a-kind, light-up shelving that acts as a magical stage for all our treats and munchies. We think snacks can be beautiful too.

And here we are, Paradise. We’ve become your convenient store sommelier to curate a selection of delectable wines for any budget. You'll see your old go-to's, surrounded by plenty of new bottled-up adventures. There's even a "Luxury" vault housing high-end wine that would delight even the pickiest of palettes.

wine cellar

For you beer-lovers, peek around the corner. Yep, an entire wall devoted to beer. Craft, local, organic, classic - you name it, we've stocked it. Oh, and it's all color coordinated. So pretty… so organized.

The next surprise is a big one...HUGE. Ok, we'll just tell you. It’s wine and beer on tap. ON TAP. You know what that means? Yeah. You can drink here. Responsibly, of course. Pour yourself a growler of any craft beer on tap. Or, grab a wine bottle, and fill it with our specialty wine. What do you think? Are we living up to that "store like never before" promise? Just keep walking, there's more.

crowler beer

You must be pretty hungry by now. You probably smelled the fresh tortillas when you walked in. To your right, is the source. We've partnered with Laredo Taco Company®, who will be serving up fresh tacos and more, daily. Literally fresh - like you stand there and watch them stuff a homemade, hand-rolled tortilla with your favorite meats, cheeses, and veggies.

Grab a taco and take a break in our indoor seating area or out on the porch. Have a drink if you like. Oh, you can drink here. We mentioned that earlier, right?

It’s also a good time to try out our barista-operated coffee and tea bar. Any coffee drink imaginable, have it made to order. Tea lover? There are multiple teas on tap. In the mood for a fountain drink? We've got that too. It's ALL organic (even the soda), and SO yummy.

laredo taco tea tap

Now that our stomachs are smiling, it’s time for the end of the tour – our personal favorite. When you walk out onto the porch, look to your right. That mural was painted by a local artist as tribute to the community who made us who we are. It’s our nod to the neighborhood that gave the world a more convenient way to shop.

Hope you enjoyed our tour of the store like never before.

To the people of Oak Cliff – Thank you. Almost 80 years ago, you sparked the inspiration for what is now 7-Eleven. It only makes perfect, poetic sense, that you'd inspire us again.