Spend Your 7REWARDS Savings Wisely

Turn that SAVED $$$ into MORE $$$

We know what you’re thinking: “Wow, seriously 7-Eleven? A marketing piece on your rewards program?”

No no – we wouldn’t do that to you. That’s no fun for anyone (us included).

Yes. We WANT you to use our rewards program and spend your points on yummy snacks and drinks. Who wouldn't want that? We also have some advice on how you can turn the $$$ you save when you redeem into MORE $$$$.

Check out examples of redeemable items you'll find in every points tier, and our little tip on how you can spend your savings.

800 Point Level – Medium Cold Brew Coffee

You could buy: Tiny shades for your cat.

1200 Point Level – Chicken Sandwich

You could buy: A tiny hat to spoil your cat.

1500 Point Level – Clif Bar®

You could buy: A tiny jacket… for your cat with the hat.

2000 Point Level – Whole Oven-Baked Pizza

You could buy: A web domain for a website devoted to your decked-out cat.

smiley cat

THAT'S how you turn saved cash into MORE saved cash.

Okay, fine – it's all for your cat. Now he's #InstaFamous and makes more $$$ than the Friskies® cat. You’re welcome.

Did we create this article as an excuse to make a cute cat GIF? Absolutely, we did. #NoRegrets

But we're serious about downloading the 7REWARDS app. Click the green button to start saving meow.