Try these quick coffee shop creations

We channeled our inner flannel to create these DIY recipes for the coffee-lover on the go.

You know what you want, and (not to brag but…) we’ve got the set-up you need. Try these the next time you’re at our coffee counter. We’re open 24/7, with baked goods and more to get you through.

It’s happening. $1 ANY SIZE hot coffee.

All day, every day, ANY hot beverage you can dream up. All for a buck. Only with 7REWARDS in the 7-Eleven app. Valid until 01/31*.

For the Chocoholic



BASE: Hot Chocolate
3-5 Pumps Vanilla Syrup
Top with Cinnamon Powder

A hand holding a 7-Eleven Hot Chocolate in a take out cup


Hot Chocolate

Our hot chocolate is available all year, so you never have to compromise your coziness. Jumpstart your day with this caffeinated-chocolaty mix.


“One sip, and exciting flavors dance amongst your taste buds like sugar plum fairies in a chocolatey marshmallow dream” – that’s a line from the book I’m writing. No one’s picked it up yet, but all the best artists were ahead of their time."
- The Chocoholic in You

For the Dreamer



BASE: Vanilla Chai Tea Latte
3-5 pumps Vanilla Syrup
Top with Cinnamon Powder

A hand holding a 7-Eleven Vanilla Chai Tea Latte coffee in a take out cup


Vanilla Chai Tea Latte

The base for this creation is our nutty, spice-filled, chai tea latte. Try it, year-round at a store nearest you.


“Vanilla Chai Tea Lattes are what dreams are made of. I should know. I double-majored in dream psychology.”
- The Dreamer in You

For the Purist



BASE: Colombian Roast
Add Silk Almond Creamer

A hand holding a 7-Eleven Colombian Roast coffee in a take out cup


Colombian - Medium Roast

Made exclusively from handpicked beans grown at high altitudes, where they gently mature. Full-bodied with a complex floral aroma and smooth finish indicative of the finest Colombian coffee.


“This semi-sweet basic is what truth tastes like. It’s vinyl versus digital. Vinyl wins, no contest.”
- Your Inner Coffee Purist

For the Artist



BASE: House Blend Coffee
1-2 pumps Sweet Cream Sauce
3-5 pumps Texas Pecan Syrup
Sprinkle Cinnamon and Vanilla Toppings on top

A hand holding a 7-Eleven House Blend coffee in a take out cup


House Blend - Medium Roast

Balanced and flavorful, this perfect, everyday coffee has a soft, sugary-smooth finish.


“You don’t come to a poetry jam night and hold back. So, don’t hold back at the coffee counter.”
- Your Inner Artist

For the Traveller



BASE: French Vanilla Coffee
3-5 pumps French Vanilla Syrup
Add French Vanilla Creamer

A hand holding a 7-Eleven French Vanilla coffee in a take out cup


French Vanilla - Light Roast

Infused with the essence of French Vanilla and lightly roasted for a smooth, mellow experience.


“This creation will change your world, man. It totally took me back to my year abroad in France.”
- The Traveler in You

Don’t Over-Pump it. Unless you want to…

Small Cup – 3 pumps
Medium Cup – 4 pumps
Large Cup – 5 pumps
X-Large Cup – 6 pumps

Coffee Tidbits

A clost up of a person's hands holding a 7-Eleven take out coffee cup


7-Eleven was the first to serve freshly brewed coffee to go.

A top down view of whole coffee beans on a yellow background


7-Eleven roasts more than 26 million pounds of coffee each year.

A top down view of 7-Eleven glazed donuts


Glazed donuts are the most popular bakery item guests like to pair with their coffee.

Next time you're craving an adventure, or even your coffee shop usual, come check out the 7-Eleven coffee counter. We’ve got Chai Tea Latte of which dreams are made, a variety of freshly brewed coffee flavors, and a world of toppings at your disposal. There you have it - delicious coffee creations you can make 24/7, at your local, go-to coffee shop… 7-Eleven.

*All toppings in participating stores, only.  Available at participating locations. Registered members only. You must accept the terms and conditions of the 7REWARDS program to be a registered member. Complete registration in the 7-Eleven app. Offer valid on max (4) cups per day.