Binge-Watch with These Scrumptious Popcorn Mixes

Settling in for a marathon of movies, shows, and mixed emotions?

We’ve put together popcorn mixes that make eating your feelings worth it. So, grab your snack necessities, mix up some popcorn, and power up that TV. It’s time to get your couch potato on.


Romance – The “Get a Room” Mix

The perfect balance of salty and sweet, just like the leading lady in your Romcom.
For that moment when… he shows up outside her bedroom window, holding a boombox over his head, blaring “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel. Tissue, please.

sweet mix items

7-SelectTM Sweet + Salty Popcorn | 7-SelectTM Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels | M&M’S® Candy


Drama – The “Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow” Mix

A sweet bite for that sad ending.
For that moment when… the two of them are clinging to a piece of their iceberg-sunken ship in freezing ice water. Then, our handsome heartthrob takes one last breath through cold, blue lips. Another tissue, please.

bitter sweet mix items

7-Select Caramel Popcorn | 7-Select Sour Cherry Candy | 7-Select Gummy Bears | Ben & Jerry’s® Cookie Dough Chunk | Skittles® Candy


Horror – The “You’re Dead to Me” Mix

Sharp and cheesy, with a spiciness that… sneaks up on you.
For that moment when… the deranged writer cuts through the hotel door with an axe, peeks his head through, and yells a chilling, “Here’s Johnny!”

dead to me mix items

7-Select Jalapeño Cheddar Popcorn | 7-Select Wasabi Soy Peanuts | Cheez-It® Baked Crackers


Comedy – The “Cheesy Slapstick” Mix

Oh so cheeeeeesy.
For that moment when… they go streaking through the quad…. only, “they” is really just one very intoxicated, middle-aged man. Oh, college.

fruity mix items

7-Select White Cheddar Popcorn | 7-Select Jack Link's Signature Beef & Cheddar Sticks (cut into pieces) | Snyder’s® Pretzels | Cheez-It® Baked Crackers

So, whether you’re looking for a reason to cry it out, or laugh it up, our 7-Select™ Popcorn flavors pair perfectly with your favorite films and shows. Make us part of your scene. Grab everything you need for the mixes above at your local 7-Eleven® Store.

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