No Corkscrew? No Problem.

bike pump method

The Bike Pump Method:

  1. Take a bike pump that has a needle attached and plunge all the way into the cork, until the needle reaches the air between the cork and the wine.

  2. Pump air into the bottle. As you pump, the cork should slowly move out of the bottle from the air pressure.

hammer and screw method

The Screw and Hammer Method:

  1. Screw the screw into the cork, leaving some of the screw exposed. (A long screw works best)

  2. Pull the screw up using the wrench.

pen method

The Pen Method:

  1. Put a pen in the cork and push the cork through.

  2. Bam. That’s it.

ava grace dark horse

We'd like to thank our fearless participants, and of course, the wine. We couldn't have done it without you, Dark Horse Cabernet and Ava Grace Sauvingnon Blanc. Like the video? Wait until you see the rest. Discover the clutch items that'll get you through a breakup. Put your pinky up and pair our wine with your dinner. You're already here, might as well stay a while.