Have a Nightmare-Free Halloween

Halloween. Oh, the memories.

Your Mom always had your costume on-point. Your Dad was a trick-or-treating pro. The night was sugar-filled perfection, every time.

Now you’re planning a Halloween of your own and realizing that Mom and Dad made “perfection” look a little too easy. Maybe you were too young to remember the fumbles, OR maybe your parents had some tricks up their sleeves.

Either way, you deserve a few tricks of your own. Check out some convenient tid-bits below to get you through the madness this Halloween, and straight to the magic.

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

A gumball costume made with colorful balloons

Gumball Machine

Clear trash bag, colorful balloons, red cap, red bottoms, cardboard cutout for quarter slot.

crazy cat lady

Crazy Cat Lady

Hair in rollers, robe, toy kitties, and slippers.

A girl holding a blue umbrella, with stuffed toys attached to the top

Raining Cats and Dogs

Glue toy puppies and kitties to an umbrella, and pop on your rain jacket.

Costume FYI, right here.

This year's NRF survey says 3.1 million children plan to dress up as their favorite princess, 2.4 million as their favorite superhero.

A young boy with multiple Smarties candies glued to his pants

Smarty Pants

Glue a bunch of Smarties® candy to a pair of pants. Spiffy.

A young girl with different name tags stuck to her outfit

Identity Thief

Stick a bunch of name tags, each with a different name, all over an outfit of your choosing.

A top down view of a pepperoni and cheese pizza

Dinner, Check.

7REWARDS has you covered with BOGO large pizza (10/31-11/01). Get the 7-Eleven app, then pick up dinner AND wine in one stop.*

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Halloween Tips and Tricks

Trick-or-Treating Apps


Get a look at your neighborhood and know ahead of time which houses are “trick-or-treater friendly”. There are multiple apps, for any Android or Apple device, that will connect you to your fellow Halloweeners.


Track your little goblins and ghouls using a GPS app created especially for Halloween night. You can find multiple options for both Android and Apple wherever you buy your apps.

Go Virtual

Have a sick kiddo stuck at home? Try a virtual trick-or-treating app. They’re filled with games and fun characters, for indoor adventures.

A boy dressed as a ghoul with an illustrated background of a yellow moon and black bat

Candy, score.

Looking for crave-able candy? According to a poll from Monmouth University, more than 36% of Americans say Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are their favorite Halloween treat.

A king size Reese's Pieces peanut butter cups

The Night Before

Try on costumes, and check for any red flags. Then, test-run your route together with the fam. Make sure everyone has comfy shoes and check the weather for the big night.

The Big Night

Stop by 7-Eleven for BOGO large pizza, buddy up, avoid dark streets, spot-check your candy…

and have a Howlin’ Halloween, you crazy kids.

A six pack of bud light, with taquitos and popcorn on an illustrated background of a yellow moon & bats

Nightcap, delivered.

You’ve been passing out treats all night. Time to treat yourself. Use the 7NOW app to get ice cold beer and more delivered, in about 30 minutes.**

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