Fire, Ice, and Dragons, Oh My!

Bring on the Sword Fights ... and Snacks

What snacks GoT game enough to sit on your throne? With winter coming, we’ve prepared a few popcorn mixes to pair with last-season's biggest moments. We think the Spicy Mix takes the crown. Which is your favorite?

sweet mix

The Sweet Mix

First up - The Sweet Mix - For that moment when “a girl” serves up sweet revenge in the form of pie. Then that moment when the Queen of Dragons returns home.

sweet mix items

7-Select® Caramel Popcorn | 7-Select® Sour Cherry Candy | 7-Select® Gummy Bears | Nestlé® Dibs Ice Cream | Skittles Candy

bitter-sweet mix

The Bitter-Sweet Mix

Then - Our Bitter-Sweet Mix - For that moment when our sassy, Queen of Thorns is poisoned ... but her last words are SO SWEET.

bitter sweet mix items

7-Select® Sweet + Salty Popcorn | 7-Select® Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels | M&M’S®

spicy mix

The Spicy Mix

And of course, we’ve got the Spicy Mix - For that moment when it’s brother against brother in a fiery battle with dragons.

spicy mix items

7-Select® Jalapeno Cheddar popcorn | 7-Select® Wasabi Soy Peanuts | 7-Select® Poofy Puffs Spicy Cheese

fruity mix

The Fruity Mix

We’ve thrown together a Fruity Mix - For that moment when we watch our sweet, Citadel underdog discover a game-changer within an ancient book.

fruity mix items

7-Select® Butter Popcorn | 7-Select® Dried Mango with Chili | Superberry Fruit Fusion | Sahale Snacks® Mango Tango Almond Mix | Bare Snacks® Cinnamon Apple Chips

protien mix

The Savory Mix

Now, brace yourself for the CRAZY with our Protein-Packed Savory Mix…

protein mix ingredients

7-Select® White Cheddar Popcorn | Oscar Mayer® P3 Protein Pack (chipotle peanuts, sunflower kernels and beef jerky or honey roasted peanuts, sunflower kernels and sweet/spicy teriyaki) | Snyder’s® Pretzels | Cheez-It® Baked Crackers

For that moment when a dragon dies, a twin brother leaves his queen/sister/lover to join the good fight, stuff goes down in a boat that’s just SO WRONG.

And finally, a wall falls, and chills run down our spine, because we know…


Stack up on snacks before winter comes.

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