The Binge-Gaming Kit

New game? Settle in with the essentials

You already have a game-binge ritual. We’re here to make it even better, and more convenient, of course. So, when the next Triple-A comes out, don’t stop playing, get the items below delivered.

energy drink shot

7-Select® Energy Shots & Monster Energy Drink

Energy drinks are a gaming staple. For quests and longer adventures, sip on a Monster – you’re in no rush. Throwback an energy shot when you’re trying to break the “speedrun” record in Super Mario Bros. or destroying friends in Fortnite.

fiery hot chips

7-Select® Fiery Hot Chips

Chips are low maintenance – perfect for mindlessly shoving into your mouth as you raid FTW.

miller lite

Miller Lite®

Mmmm beer to wash down those spicy chips.

Pro tip: You can use the condensation from your beer can to remove chip grease from your hands – wouldn’t want a finger to slip.


Our Whole Oven-baked Pizza

Beer fixes thirst, but it creates hunger. It’s a tight rope to balance so order a pizza.

Have we mentioned we deliver? Try 7NOW. You’ll never have to leave your chair. NEVER.

Now, polish off the pizza, rinse, and repeat.

Energy shot, chips, beer, pizza.
Energy shot, chips, beer, pizza.
Energy shot, chips, beer, pizza.

Don’t stop until you’re victorious. Godspeed, brave warrior.