The Bad Day At Work Kit

Give it a try

This kit won’t make your venomous boss retreat back to the fiery pit they came from.

BUT, it will help you come down from your self-destructive rage. Woosahhhh.

corona light

Corona Extra® 6-Pack

First, you’ll need to move from “work mode” to “chill mode”. We think cracking open a Corona and “finding your beach” will help with that.

cheesecake bread

7-Select® Cheesecake Bread

Before you send that strongly-worded email… sit down and scarf down some cheesecake bread. Step away from the computer. You got all the bad out. Now it’s time to put some good in, and we mean goooood.

That’s it… just focus on the cheesecake bread.

premium tissues

7-Select® Premium Tissues

We’re not assuming you’re a crier, you’re tough, obviously. But everyone has their breaking point. So let’s just say you need a good cry – have these babies by your side. Or, use them to wipe your hands clean of cheesecake bread.

white cheddar popcorn

7-Select® White Cheddar Popcorn

You need a good distraction. Have a go-to movie that makes you laugh? Maybe one that makes you cry? Watch it. Watch it TWICE. Watch it until you’ve forgotten what you were mad about. Watch it with some dank popcorn in hand.

pepto bismol

Pepto-Bismol® Extra Strength

Stress can do some nasty things to the stomach. We’ve got your back, and so does Pepto-Bismol. Have it on your nightstand, just in case.

Man, what a day.

We’d be lying if we told you there won’t be more like this one. Even though we can’t physically hug you, we’re here to say, “way to push through.”

Now have some beer, cheesecake bread, and relax – you deserve it.